Speed harness, Size: L, red

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Neck circumference 42-55 cm
Breast circumference 70-85 cm
For dog 24-38 kg

JK9 Speed – Designed for peak performance

Julius-K9®'s latest dog harness, the JK9 Speed, has arrived! If you love nature and going on adventures with your dog, the JK9 Speed was intended for you. This harness is the perfect choice if you want to run where others can barely walk.
If your dog is wearing a JK9 Speed ​​harness, nothing will be able to stop you. Thanks to the sturdy handle on the back of the harness your pet will be able to pull you up steep slopes, but you’ll also be able to help them if they get into a sticky situation. The carefully designed leash attachment ring can withstand any strain.
This harness allows you to do sports together even if your dog doesn’t like to pull. As the JK9 Speed ​​is a short Y-shaped harness, it doesn’t bend back and turn sideways even if your dog prefers to run next to you. The harness's German-made OEKO-TEX®-certified leashes can be adjusted at five points, so they can be completely tailored to your dog. This also makes it a good choice for dogs that are still growing.
The design of the padding of the harness was inspired by the seats of sports cars. Its inner surface is lined with neoprene, which does not absorb moisture and is easy to clean. It is pleasant to wear in all seasons and conditions.
Did it get dark while you were running? No worries, the reflective seaming will make you feel safe even in the dark. And typical of Julius-K9® dog harness, the JK9 Speed ​​also has hook and loop fastened patches that you can change to your liking. Choose a different harness patch for each adventure!
You will also need a JK9 Speed ​​Belt and a flexible leash attached to it to run safely together. A good running belt does not slip, does not rotate, and protects the waist when the dog pulls on the leash. And the right flexible leash isn’t so long that it keeps hanging on the ground when your dog is running next to you. However, if they feel like pulling, it should stretch and dampen the dog’s strength.



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