Delicias 1,5 kg semimoist dogfood

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Delicias is tasty delicious mediterranian diet for all sized dogs. High meat content and semimoist soft kibbles make this food extra popular.Made of the best ingredients in Spain, EU
-Slow cooking- manufactured gently maintaining valuable nutritients of best class ingredients.
-Includes natural Natural Omega-3 and Omega-6
-GMO free, TFA free
-Includes 65% meat and 10% salmon&tuna
-High biological protein value
-Low fat
-High digestibility- Palatable nutrition suitable also for dog with sensitive stomach
-Natural joint protection
-Gluten free
Complete food for dogs
Composition: Meat 65%,consisting of: chicken meat,serrano ham,beef meat,lamb meat,pork liver.
and: rice,vegetal glycerin, salon (min. 5%),tuna(min-5%)martichoke ectract,crab extract,prawn extract.
Additives/reservatives: citric acid, probionic acid,potassium sorbate
Nutritional additives.: oregano oil,rosemary,vitamin A 15000ui,vitamin D3 840ui,vitaminE 45ui.
Analytical constituents:Protein 26,3% Fat 6,6%, crude ash 14,8% fibre 1%, moisture; 10,2%,glucosamine 50mg/kg,calscium 3g/100g,phosphorous 1,4g/100g,magnesium 0,16g/100g,iron 0,02g/100g, omega3 0,31g/100g,omega6 0,86g/100g, omega9(oleic acid) 1,69g/100g.
Energy 329Kcal/100g
Serve the food in 1or 2 servings per day. provide plenty of fresh clean water. Any changed in feeding should be gradual to avoid digestive upsets.
If used as a treat/trainign kibble, please feed other foods less. accordingly. Store in own package in dry cool place.
Batch/best before 12/2023
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