JULIUS-K9 ®IDC® Universal sivulaukkupari Julius-K9 IDC valjaisiin

JULIUS-K9 ®IDC® Universal sivulaukkupari Julius-K9 IDC valjaisiin

Tuotenro: 1621IDC
alkaen 25,90
Hinta sis. ALV.
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Compatible with IDC® and K9®-Powerharnesses, from size MINI- MINI. They are an ideal solution for keeping documents, a cell phone or small accessories of therapy work in a safe place. They are waterproof and easy to attach to the harness - by hook and loop fasteners for the sides and by special oval rings to the chest strap. Can be used as a belt bag as well.

Patent office registration numbers:
DE 402012005291-0003, DE 402012005291-0004 EU 002148718-0005, EU 002148718-0006

Julius-K9®, IDC® and K9® are registered EU trademarks.


Tuote Huomaa Hinta
JULIUS-K9 ®-Powervaljas® kiiwi JULIUS-K9 ®-Powervaljas® kiiwi
alkaen 21,90 *
JULIUS-K9 ®-Powervaljas® musta 0 JULIUS-K9 ®-Powervaljas® musta 0
(koko: .0)
41,90 *
JULIUS-K9 ®IDC®-Powervaljas,punainen JULIUS-K9 ®IDC®-Powervaljas,punainen
alkaen 21,90 *
Hinta sis. ALV
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