JULIUS-K9® Y-remmi vedonestoon IDC-Powervaljaaseen

JULIUS-K9® Y-remmi vedonestoon IDC-Powervaljaaseen

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By the IDC® FRONT CONTROL Y-belt the dog can be controlled easily, without force and conflict in traffic, during training or in dangerous situations.

For both work and walking, a leash can be attached to the ring of the Y-belt and the central ring of the dog harness simultaneously. Thereby the body of the dog becomes easy to control and manoeuvre. A further advantage of the IDC® FRONT CONTROL Y-belt with ring is that it can be attached to either side of a chest strap openable by a hook and loop fastener, depending on the nature of the practice of leading on a leash in question.

EU Trademark: 014686299
US Patents: US9,655,344 US9,936,678B2 Patent Pending: EP20170000152



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